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Kamal Hosni (Arabic:كمال حسني) is an Egyptian singer and actor, born in 1929. His real name is Kamal Eldin Mohammed.

Despite his soft voice and, despite his success as the star of his first Film (Rabee El Hob). He decided to move away and leave the world of film and fame after his only Film (Rabee El Hob) in 1955.

Kamal Hosni was graduated from the Faculty of Commerce and the worked for the National Bank of Egypt.

Kamal Hosni begun with the gift of singing since childhood, and was involved in music at school.

He loved and sang the Songs of Mohamed Abdel Wahab, Farid al-Atrash. However, known that there is a new singer Abdel Halim Hafez went to hear him, and he sings a song (Safini Marra) and (Layek Aleek)

Kamal Hosni decided to sing a song (Safini Marra) in the Egyptian Radio Amateurs corner, but was delayed because of what appeared to be a new song of Abdel Halim Hafez and the song (Toba), it was a new style in music and words. He decided this time to enrich the already rich and in the corner of amateur radio, and proficiency in the intensity of the song that listeners could not distinguish between his voice and Halim voice, he believed that Abdel Halim Hafez would like it, and Kamal who had hoped to stand in front of him and listen to his songs to play and then requested that the case of

Mary Queeny the film producer selected him for the main role in the film (Rabee El Hob),his stardom name was selected as Kamal Husni. The year 1955 and Kamal Hosni stars in his only film (Rabee El Hob) with the star Shadia, Shoukry Sarhan and Hussain Riad. He sang (Ghali Alia), and with Shadia (Lao Salimtak Alby), after the success of the film started in the press its rival to Abdel Halim Hafez hence also started to drive them apart because of the novelty of Hosni and no knowledge of the artistic relation and then could not put any more wit it. Kamal Hosni decided to retire from art, and he immigrated to London UK to work for entrepreneurs, he returned to Egypt, in late nineties, and he recorded number of religious songs.

He met his wife Busanya in a bank they were both working at, at the time. Later on, he was married to Busanya and they had 3 boys. Their first born was named Nader named after Mary Queenys son. Busanya gave birth to him on 15 September 1957. Their second son Ahmed was born on 29 September 1958. Their last Son was named Mohammed on 15 September 1960. Their two youngest sons were named after Shadya's song 'Ahmed And Mohammed Shargaloony'.They are both married with children and are still living in Cairo, Egypt, Whereas their eldest Nader has been working and living in London since 1982 with his Irish wife Julia and their three children (in age order)Sara (named by him/Kamal), Olivia and Joseph.

Kamal Hosni died on April 1, 2005 Cairo.

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