Kamaniskeg Lake

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Kamaniskeg Lake
Location Ontario
Coordinates 45°25′30″N 77°41′53″W / 45.425°N 77.698°W / 45.425; -77.698Coordinates: 45°25′30″N 77°41′53″W / 45.425°N 77.698°W / 45.425; -77.698
Basin countries Canada

Kamaniskeg Lake is a lake of Ontario, Canada.

Lake Kamaniskeg is located in the Madawaska Valley, with the town of Barry's Bay at its northern end, and Combermere at the south. The Madawaska River, famous for its rapids, runs through the lake's southern end. The lake is known for its simple beauty, with a mixture of forest, and rock and sand beaches. The wreck of the steamship 'Mayflower' lies near two small islands in the lake, just south of the narrows.

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