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Kamber Ali Khan is a city in the north-west of the Sindh province of Pakistan.

Kamber was city bakeries and high school kamber is near to larkana kamber is district headquarter


Kamber Ali Khan is situated in North-western Sindh and it owns talukas. It is also included in upper Sindh.


Kamber Ali Khan is a monsoon climatic region. Summer is extremely hot as temperature reaches at 53 °C and winter is a little cool as temperature drops to 26 nbsp;°C. On May 26, 2010 the mercury hit at record 53.4 °C becoming the hottest city in the country's history. On May 31, 1998 the mercury hit the at 52.7 °C. On May 18, 2013 the temperature in the city remained at 50 degrees Celsius in Kamber Ali Khan. This hot weather sometimes cost human lives. Hot days continue from May till September, followed by Monsoon Rains, sometime bringing floods in the nearby areas. Monsoon season starts from July and continues till September and brings Torrential Rains. Pre-Monsoon also occurs occasionally in the month of June while post-monsoon occurs rarely. On July 8, 2003 Kamber experienced a cloudburst of 209 mm in just 12 hours due to a well marked low pressure which came from Bay of Bengal. Thunderstorms are very common, they often develop in all months. Most dangerous thunderstorm occurred on April 21, 2012, it was a supercell thunderstorm which came from west side with heavy downpour due to strong Western Disturbance which was developed in Gulf of Oman. Duststorms are also very common in summer and monsoon especially from March to September. On March 27, 2013 a duststorm came with the damaging winds of 90 km/h due to a severe thunderstorm and it brought some rainfall also. Hailstorms are unusual and occur mainly from February to April. Kamber Ali Khan experienced a powerful hailstorm in April 2006 and again on 14 March 2015 followed by heavy downpour. In 2012 Kamber Ali Khan faced heavy downpours of 236 mm from 5–10 September which flooded the whole city. Same as in August 2011 also, the city received intermittent heavy Rains from 25–31 August and again in September 2011 with time to time. In Monsoon of 1994 the city received 510 mm of rainfall as most powerful low pressures hit Sindh which is the highest rainfall recorded in past 25 years.


Religions in Kamber Ali Khan
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The majority of the population in district Kamber Ali Khan speak the native Sindhi language. Saraiki language, are also spoken and understood in various areas of the city.


Several old and new schools, colleges are functioning in the city for both boys and girls. Many are private and public institutions.

Schools and Colleges[edit]

Some schools such as Government Higher Secondary School, Girls High School, and Government Degree College.