Kamchy Kolbayev

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Kamchy Asanbekovich Kolbayev
Born (1974-08-03) August 3, 1974 (age 42)[1]
Other names Kamchibek Kolbaev, Kamchi Kolbayev, Kamchibek Kolbayev, Kamchi Bishkekskiy, Kolya Bishkekskiy, Kolya-Kyrgz[1]
Known for Organized crime

Kamchy Asanbekovich Kolbayev is an alleged crime boss in Kyrgyzstan. Crimes he has been linked to include murder, drug trafficking, and extortion.[2] The US State Department in 2007 said he was "considered to be the leader of the most influential criminal group in the country",[3] and in 2012 US President Obama named Kolbayev "a significant foreign narcotics trafficker", operating as part of the so-called Brothers' Circle criminal society.[4] He was subsequently added to the US Treasury's list of Specially Designated Nationals, preventing him from doing business in the US.[1] The United States is seeking to dismantle ties to banking and finance that Kolbayev or his associates have constructed.[5]

Living in Dubai and Moscow as of 2012,[1] he may have fled Kyrgyzstan after the 2010 revolution.[citation needed] The new government, more hostile to organized crime, detained Kolbayev for a short period of time later releasing him without charge.[2] This was not the first time Kyrgyz authorities have decided against branding Kolbayev a criminal; in 2007 a police investigation of his activities was ordered to cease by the then Minister of the Interior.[3] Kolbayev may have spent time in a Kyrgyz prison earlier in his life, however.[6]

After the death of Rysbek Akmatbayev in 2006, Kamchy was allegedly crowned a thief in law in a ceremony attended by Vyacheslav Ivankov.[7]

In 2011, Kolbayev was detained in Abu Dhabi.[6] Kyrgyzstan requested his extradition, but this was not granted; he was released in September, 2011.[8]

Kolbayev was mentioned in the batch of US diplomatic cables leaked by Wikileaks in 2010.[9]


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