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Mayor of Yanam.

Kamichetty Venougopala Rao Naidu better known as The Grand Old Man of Yanaon was Mayor and MLA of Yanaon during French rule in first half of 20th century. He was one of the two powerful political leaders in Yanam during French rule. His opponent was Bezawada Bapa Naidou, the first mayor of Yanam. After death of Bapa Naidou, he became Mayor of Yanam (Maire de Yanaon) and even his family became very dominant in Yanam politics for at least 50 years thence.

Legacy of Kamichetty family[edit]

He was hornoured with Grade de chevalier in 1931. His son's wife Kamichetty Savithiry became Conseiller Municipal from Kankalapet and later became MLA of Yanam. It was told that after MLA elections, she and Yerra Jaganatha Rao got same votes, so they kept lottery and she won it. His son Kamichetty Sri Parassourama Varaprassada Rao Naidu became MLA of Yanam and made it his pocket borough for nearly 40 years.

It was Venugopalarao Naidou who provoked his son who was a pro-French leader to support merger of Yanam. There was a street named Kamichetty in Yanam.

Offices held[edit]

Preceded by
Post created
Membre du Conseil Municipal de Yanaon
Succeeded by
(Coup d'État de Yanaon)
Preceded by
Bezawada Bapa Naidou
Maire de Yanaon
Succeeded by
Madimchetty Satianandam
Preceded by
Bezawada Bapa Naidou
President de Conseil Local de Yanaon
14 November 1931–?
Succeeded by


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