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Kammeri is located in Estonia
Location in Estonia
Coordinates: 58°10′28″N 26°38′18″E / 58.17444°N 26.63833°E / 58.17444; 26.63833Coordinates: 58°10′28″N 26°38′18″E / 58.17444°N 26.63833°E / 58.17444; 26.63833
Country  Estonia
County Tartumaa lipp.svg Tartu County
Municipality Flag of Kambja Parish, Tartu County, Estonia.svg Kambja Parish
First mentioned 16th century[1]
Population (01.01.2000[2])
 • Total 92

Kammeri is a village in Kambja Parish, Tartu County in southern Estonia, located about 23 km south of the city of Tartu. In 2000 Kammeri had a population of 92.[2]

Kammeri Manor (German: Duckershof) was first mentioned in the middle of the 16th century, when it belonged to the Dückers. Other owners include the Fersens, Rennenkampffs, Helmersens and Stadens. After the dispossession in 1919 the manor building was used as a school. The building was demolished in 2009 to build a modern schoolhouse.[1]

Kammeri village school was established in 1765.[2]

Baltic German geologist Gregor von Helmersen (1803–1885) was born in Kammeri Manor. Also the German diplomat Berndt von Staden (de) (born 1919) spent his childhood in the manor.[1]


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