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Kandep Rural LLG is one of two LLGs of the Kandep District of Enga Province, Papua New Guinea. It is located in southern Wabag, the capital town of Enga Province. Kandep shares land borders with Laiagam - Porgera, Wabag, and Wapenimanda District, along with additional land borders between the Southern Highlands, the Western Highlands provinces, and the newly Provinces. [1]

Wabag is accessible via a three-hour road trip along the Kandep - Laiagam Road. Access via Kandep - Mendi Road is currently unavailable due to construction efforts; however, the Kandep - Magarima Road remains connected.

Kandep LLG comprises council wards from Lai and Mariant. The Lai River which flows from north to south divides the District into two LLGs.


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