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Railway Station

මහනුවර දුම්රිය ස්ථානය
Kandy train station
Kandy train station
Location Sri Lanka
Coordinates 7°17′20″N 80°37′53″E / 7.2888°N 80.63151°E / 7.2888; 80.63151Coordinates: 7°17′20″N 80°37′53″E / 7.2888°N 80.63151°E / 7.2888; 80.63151
Owned by Sri Lanka Railways
Operated by Sri Lanka Railways
Line(s) Main Line
Matale Line
Distance 120.737 km (75.022 mi) (from Fort)
Platforms 4
Tracks 5
Other information
Website www.railway.gov.lk/Station Details
Electrified No[1]
Senkadagala Menike-to Colombo Fort
Tikiri Menike-to Hatton and Colombo Fort

Kandy railway station is a major railway station in Kandy, Sri Lanka. The station is served by Sri Lanka Railways and is the primary railway station in Kandy and one of the most significant in the central hills.[citation needed] The station sits on a branch of the Main Line, leading to the Matale Line.[2]


The Main Line was extended in stages, towards Kandy and Badula. Service to Kandy began in 1867.[3]

By 1874, the line was extended to Nawalapitiya, backing out of Kandy and on from Peradeniya.[3]


Kandy Railway Station features both Modernist and Victorian architecture. The station building is of the Art Moderne style, incorporating curving forms and long horizontal lines. It uses concrete massing to create a geometric form. Its minimalist walls and simple, bold forms contrast sharply with the highly-ornamented, traditional architecture that surrounds it.

The structure sheltering the platforms is of an older Victorian design. The structure displays stylish arches and intricate metalwork.

Platform at Kandy station

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