Kaneganti Hanumanthu

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Kaneganti Hanumanthu was a freedom fighter who rebelled against British Rule[clarification needed] and spearheaded the Palnadu Rebellion against tax. He was executed by the British General Rutherford.[citation needed] He was born in Minchalapadu in the Durgi mandal which is in Palnadu in Guntur district. A local peasant leader, he refused to pay British taxes and participated in a revolt over the issue. He was killed while resisting British police forces at the age of 30. The following rebellion cry is attributed to Hanumanthu:

Neeru pettava, Natu vesava Kota kosava, Kuppa nurchava Endhuku kattali ra sisthu?

Translation: Have you ever irrigated the land, or plant a seed in your life? Ever harvested or trashed a field? Why would I pay you any tax for what is mine?