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Karan (caste)

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"Karn" redirects here. For the Marvel Comics character, see Karn (comics).
Religions Hinduism
Languages Oriya
Populated states Odisha

Karana (also known as Karanam and Mohanty) is a brahmin caste found predominantly in Odisha, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. They fulfill same functions of Kayasthas elsewhere.


The name Karan in Sanskrit means a doer. The derivation of Mohanty is derived from sanskrit word Mahan means Great. But in the historical context the title of Mohanty is awarded by the king to those who are full of ideas and knowledge in the King's court.

Religion and Culture

The Karanas like the Kayasthas claim descent from Chitragupta. They are divided into two subcastes in Orissa, namely, Jhadua and Utkal. Some of them identify as Brahminical gotras yet some seem to be totemistic in origin. They follow Advaita and Dvaita and observe holidays and sacraments like all other Hindus.