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Coordinates: 34°48′0″N 72°21′0″E / 34.80000°N 72.35000°E / 34.80000; 72.35000Coordinates: 34°48′0″N 72°21′0″E / 34.80000°N 72.35000°E / 34.80000; 72.35000
ProvinceKhyber Pakhtunkhwa
DistrictSwat District

Kanju is a village situated on the bank of the River Swat in Swat District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. It is consider as central heart of nekpikheil


It is 3 kilometres away from Mingora the main city of Swat District and about 5 kilometres from Saidu Sharif the District Headquarters. It is situated on the bank of the River Swat. It is the first entry point to nekpekhail (nek bibi khel) area.


The people of Kanju belong to the Yousafzai tribe of Pukhtoons Pashtuns.it is situated many tribe of gujjars.gujjares are a brave nation. Kanju comprises several mohallas: Kuz Kanju, bar Kanju, Shahi bazar, Fazal abad, Township, Manjawar, Niamatabad, Shahi abad, Gharib abad, Quanj, Shambaba, Ahmad tangay, Chargo sha. The population of Kanju is about 16000. The population of kanju is widely composed on Sub khails of Yousafzai (Rama Khail, Niamat Khail, Khata khail and some families of Adura Khail, shamshi khail, Sultan Khail etc) [1]. Some families from old Swatis and a considerable number of Miagan and Molan (Stanadar) are also residing in Kanju since centuries and is the permanent occupant of serai land. Miagan of Kanju are the descendent of Mian Karim Dad famous as Shaheed Baba son of Akhun Darweza Baba, whereas Molan are mostly Hashmi Quresh (Arab), among them a major portion belongs to Bokhari Sayed, predominantly living in Barkanju area with Khata Khail and Rama Khel [2,3,4] Some of the Molans were popular for their educated background (religious) which in fact had actually changed their kasb.”A Mula is a religious scholar and the whole family of a particular Mula is named after him.they are not from one source. Many other races or kasb ghar like Pakhtun,Gujar,Banjaran,Nayan etc also turned as molan and so their origin was concealed by the thick cover of knowledge and wisdom” (3)and are the oldest inhabitant of Kanju village. Several Qazi (Judge) of kanju belongs to these families. Some prominent members of the Bokhari Sayed Molan of Kanju are Sayed Hazrat Ali (late), Sayed Qasim Jan (Pairyanu BaBa) (late), Qazi Sayed Akbar Bokhari (Late), Sayed Ameer Hanan (late), Sultane Room Mirza (late), Ali Mula and Sayed Inamur Rehman etc. Other than Yousafzai and Stanadar, there is a considerable number of Gurjars and Kasab Ghars such as banjaran,Nayan, Tarkanan, Ahinghar, Kulalan, Zargaran, Parachkan, etc of different descendents are also living in Kanju since decades [3].


The major source of earning is agriculture and fruit farming. The peaches of kanju and overall swat is known all over Pakistan. Kanju contributes heavily in farming by producing a large amount of local rice called "BEGAMAI". A considerable number of people own small and large businesses in various places of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.


Kanju is a home to a number of Government colleges, including Government High School for boys, Government Middle School for girls and several Government Primary Schools for boys and girls. There are a number of public and private schools and colleges: Al-Razi Public School and College, Hira School and College, Iqra School and College, Shah Public School and College Muslim Hands Public School, Islamia Public School, Continental Public School, Bolan Education Academy, Town Public School, Kanju public School and several modern schools like Eurasian, Al-Qalam and Nexus schools. There are also a technical college Indus Polytechnic Institute.

Saidu Sharif Airport[edit]

Saidu Sharif Airport is situated between Kanju and Dherai.

Tourist attractions[edit]

There are views of the River Swat from Ayub Bridge in Kanju. The township and sham baba [the son of mahmood ghaznavi ]he is a famous martyr has date of martyring is 413 hijri. attract tourists from nationwide.[citation needed] Saidu Sharif Airport is a small airport mainly used for domestic flights.there are many travel agencies here one of them is gujjar travel agency .

Residential scheme[edit]

Kanju Township is a residential scheme undertaken by the SDDA. It consists of two phases. Phase one is ready while phase two is in the making.[when?] Phase one consists of sectors from A to E. Plots in sector one are more costly.

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