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Kanmurijima Island
Native name: 冠島 Kanmurijima
Nickname: Oshima or Yushima[1]
Kanmurijima Island is located in Japan
Kanmurijima Island
Kanmurijima Island
Location in Japan
Location Sea of Japan
Coordinates 35°40′50″N 135°25′35″E / 35.68056°N 135.42639°E / 35.68056; 135.42639
Archipelago no
Area 0.223 km2 (0.086 sq mi)
Length 1.3 km (0.81 mi)
Width 0.5 km (0.31 mi)
Coastline 4 km (2.5 mi)
Highest elevation 169.7 m (556.8 ft)
Prefecture Kyoto Prefecture
City Maizuru
Population 0
Ethnic groups Japanese

Kanmurijima (冠島) is an island in the Sea of Japan administered under Maizuru in Kyoto Prefecture. It is about 2km from Kutsujima, a similar smaller island. A Nakatsu reef (中津ぐり, Nakatsu-guri) is located just midway between islands. A breeding ground for the streaked shearwater, the Kanmurijima island was designated as a Japanese natural monument (天然記念物, tennen-kinenbutsu) in 1924.

According to records of Tango no kuni fudoki, the Kanmurijima and Kutsujima are the remains of the much larger island which submerged following an earthquake in 701 A.D. The topography of seafloor seems to support the claim, as the steep 60-meters cliff is located underwater off eastern coast of Kanmurijima and Kutsujima, indicating a recent crustal fault. Currently, the island is designated as Kanmurijima-Kutsujima wildlife protection area area and any landing is prohibited. The recreational diving service is available though.[2]

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