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Kano may refer to:





  • Kanō Jigorō (嘉納 治五郎, 1860–1938), Japanese founder of Judo
  • Aminu Kano (1920–1983), Nigerian politician
  • David Kano (actor) (born 1987), American actor, writer and producer
  • Eiko Kano (狩野 英孝, born 1982), Japanese comedian and singer
  • Kano sisters, Kyoko Kano (叶 恭子, born 1962) and Mika Kano (叶 美香, born 1967), Japanese celebrities
  • Michihiko Kano (鹿野 道彦, 1942–2021), Japanese politician
  • Miyuki Kano (狩野 美雪, born 1977), Japanese volleyball player
  • Noriaki Kano (狩野 紀昭, born 1940), Japanese developer of the Kano model
  • Ren Kano (加納 錬, born 1994), Japanese footballer
  • Thea Kano (born 1965), American conductor
  • Tokio Kano (加納 時男, 1935–2017), Japanese politician

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  • Kanoo, an Arabic family name