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Karen Chance is an urban fantasy novelist.[1] She grew up in Orlando, Florida.[2] She has lived in France, Great Britain, Hong Kong[2] and New Orleans, where she has taught history. She is currently living in DeLand, Florida.

Chance has had books on the New York Times and USAToday bestselling lists.


The Cassandra Palmer series[edit]

Dorina Basarab series[edit]

Other Novels[edit]

  • Masks, March 2014, ISBN 0-698-18293-6 (a Mircea Basarab novel, prequel to the Cassandra Palmer series)

Short Stories/Novellas[edit]

  • "Buying Trouble," On the Prowl, August 2007, ISBN 0-425-21659-4. Features Claire Lachesis, from the Dorina Basarab series.
  • "The Day of the Dead," The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance, July 2008, ISBN 0-7624-3498-8. Features Tomas, from the Cassandra Palmer series.
  • "Rogue Elements," Wolfsbane and Mistletoe, October 2008, ISBN 0-441-01633-2. Features Lia De Croissets, the war mage.
  • "Vegas Odds," Strange Brew, July 2009, ISBN 0-312-38336-3. Features Lia De Croissets.
  • "Skin Deep," Inked, 2010, ISBN 0-425-23197-6. Features Lia De Croissets.
  • "The Gauntlet," The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance 2, October 2010, ISBN 0-7624-3996-3. Features Kit Marlowe, from the Cassandra Palmer series. Prequel to "the Queen's Witch".
  • "The Queen's Witch", May 2010, ISBN 9781458181947. Features Kit Marlowe.
  • "In Vino Veritas," Chicks Kick Butt, July 2011, ISBN 0-7653-2577-2. Features Dorina Basarab, shortly after Death's Mistress.
  • "A Family Affair", August 2011, ISBN 9781465716187. Features John Pritkin, from the Cassandra Palmer series.
  • "Shadowland", November 2012, ISBN 9781301006861. Features John Pritkin, from the Cassandra Palmer series.
  • "The House at Cobb End", November 2012, ISBN 9781301776573. Features John Pritkin, from the Cassandra Palmer series.
  • "Zombie's Bite", December 2015, ASIN: B018WS0CN6. Features Dorina Basarab and Kit Marlowe, from the Midnight's Daughter series.


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