Karen Doggenweiler

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Karen Doggenweiler
Karen Doggenweiler.jpg
Born Karen Doggenweiler Lapuente
(1969-08-27) August 27, 1969 (age 47)
Santiago,  Chile
Occupation Journalist, TV presenter

Karen Sylvia Doggenweiler Lapuente (born August 27, 1969 in Santiago) is a popular Chilean journalist and TV presenter.

Doggenweiler is the daughter of Félix Doggenweiler Heim, of Swiss-German[1] descent and Silvia Lapuente, of Spanish-Aragonese[2][3] descent. She is married to the Chilean politician Marco Enríquez-Ominami. The marriage produced a child named Manuela. Karen started her TV career as the hostess of a morning show alongside Felipe Camiroaga in Televisión Nacional de Chile.

In 2007, Doggenweiler hosted the show El Baile en TVN with Rafael Araneda. On January 2 of 2008, Félix Doggenweiler, Karen's father, died due to a cancer. Days after she started a new TV show, La Familia del Último Pasajero and later Estrellas en el Hielo. In summer 2009, Karen Doggenweiler hosted Calle 7 with Martín Cárcamo and Todos a Coro. At the time she had been co-hosting the reality show Pelotón III with Rafael Araneda on TVN.


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