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S. Karger AG
Founded 1890
Founder Samuel Karger
Country of origin Switzerland
Headquarters location Basel
Publication types Academic journals, books
Nonfiction topics science and medicine
Official website www.karger.com

Karger Publishers (also: Karger Medical and Scientific Publishers, S. Karger AG) is an academic publisher of scientific and medical journals and books. The current CEO is Gabriella Karger.


The company was founded in 1890 in Berlin by Samuel Karger, who remained at the helm of the company until his death in 1935. His son, Heinz Karger led the company until his death in 1959, and the Heinz's son (and Samuel's grandson) Thomas Karger took over the leadership of the company; he was followed as the company leader by his eldest son, Steven Karger and, most recently, by his youngest daughter, Gabriella Karger, who leads the publishing house now.[1] Its first medical journal, Dermatologische Zeitschrift (later: Dermatologica, now: Dermatology) was established in 1893. The company published works from well-known scientists such as Sigmund Freud. Because of political pressure from the Nazi regime, the company was relocated to Basel, Switzerland, in 1937 and lost all German authors and editors. This led to a more international focus and most journal titles were changed from German to Latin and articles were now published in either German, English, French, or Italian.[2] The company currently publishes over 80 journals.[3]


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