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Niilo and Valto Karhumäki, also known as the Karhumäki brothers (Finnish: Veljekset Karhumäki), were Finnish aviation pioneers, aircraft manufacturers and airline founders.

The Karhumäki Brothers in 1927

Born in Multia,[when?] Niilo and Valto Karhumäki moved to Jyväskylä,[when?] where they founded a company called Veljekset Karhumäki in late 1924, which dealt with pilot training, public displays, aircraft maintenance and aerial photography during the 1930s. In order to start a co-operation with the Finnish Air Force, the headquarters of Veljekset Karhumäki was moved to Kuorevesi. During World War II the company was merged into the Valtion lentokonetehdas company, manufacturer of a number of military aircraft. The Karhumäki brothers designed the Karhumäki Karhu 48B light airplane, of which a small number was produced during the 1950s.

In 1950, Karhumäki Airways was founded by Veljekset Karhumäki, an airline initially offering scheduled passenger flights on mostly domestic routes. In 1963, Aero O/Y (today's Finnair) acquired the majority of its stake, and in 1996 Karair (as it was known by then) was fully absorbed into Finnair.

The brothers have been honoured with a monument called Lentäjäveljestenaukio (which translates as "Pilot Brothers Square") in Halli.


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