Karl Gustaf Hjalmar Armfeldt

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Karl Gustaf Hjalmar Armfeldt was a silversmith and Fabergé workmaster. Born in Hanko or in Artjarvi, Finland in 1873. In 1886, at age 13, he was apprenticed to the Finnish silversmith Paul Sohlman in St.Petersburg at 58 Gorohovaya. He became a journeyman in 1891. He worked as Fabergé's workmaster beginning in 1895, and used the mark ЯА. Armfeldt also worked under the silversmith Anders Nevalainen. He produced objects for Fabergé until 1916, working on projects like those of Johan Victor Aarne, like tiny gem-set frames, silver-mounted birchwood frames, hardstone frames, gem-set enameled gold articles and silver figures on hardstone base.


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