Kasadera Kannon

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Kasadera Kannon in Nagoya

Kasadera Kannon, also known as Ryūfuku-ji (笠覆寺) is a Buddhist temple located in Minami-ku, Nagoya in central Japan.

It is a part of the Owari Thirty-three Kannon.


The temple was established by the Shingon sect. The temple has a Niomon entrance gate, a number of small subsidiary temples and a pagoda which is two storeys high. Kasadera Kannon stages a Spring-time Setsubun festival on February 3 each year and a temple flea market on the 18th of every month.

The closest stop by public transport is Moto-Kasadera Station with the Meitetsu Nagoya Main Line.

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Coordinates: 35°05′58″N 136°56′12″E / 35.0995°N 136.9367°E / 35.0995; 136.9367