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Kaspi District (Georgia)
Kaspi - District center

General information
Area: 802 km²
Population: 52,000
Subdivision: 1 town, 73 villages
District center: Kaspi

Kaspi (Georgian: კასპის მუნიციპალიტეტი) is a district of Georgia, in the region of Shida Kartli. Given a District status within Transcaucasian SFSR in 1930. District center is Kaspi.

The district occupies Shida Kartli plain, stretching on the both sides of Kura River - bordering southern parts of Greater Caucasus to the North and Trialeti Range to the South. Bigger rivers crossing the District are Kura and Ksani.

District population is 52,000, population density is 61 per km². There are 73 villages and 1 town in the District.

District economy is focused on agriculture, there are a few manufactures producing building materials and wine/spirits.

There are a number of historical and architectural sites in the District, including Rkoni Monastery, Samtavisi and Kvatakhevi churches.

Medieval bridge at Rkoni Monastery

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Coordinates: 41°55′00″N 44°25′00″E / 41.9167°N 44.4167°E / 41.9167; 44.4167