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Kass may refer to:

  • A loose translation of the word 'Listen' as per the Kalenjin dialects spoken by the Kalenjin community which lives in the Rift Valley of Kenya.
  • A Kenyan media house which owns a TV station(Kass Tv), Newspapers, and Radio station (Kass FM) all broadcasting in the Kalenjin language. They use the slogan "Kimnatet Naet".


Family name
Meaning Cat
Region of origin Estonia
Language(s) of origin Estonian
Related names Katz
  • Amalie Kass (born 1928), American historian.
  • Amy Kass (born 1940), American academic.
  • Carmen Kass (born 1978), Estonian supermodel.
  • Danny Kass (born 1982), American snowboarder.
  • Deborah Kass (born 1952), American painter
  • John Kass (born 1956), American journalist.
  • Leon Kass (born 1939), American bioethicist.
  • Peter Kass (1923 – 2008) American acting teacher and director.
  • Ras Kass (born 1973, John Austin), American rapper.
  • Robin Kåss (born 1977), Norwegian medial doctor and politician.
  • Ron Kass (1935–1986), American businessman, recording executive, and film producer.
  • Sam Kass (born 1980), American chef



  • KASS, a radio station in Wyoming, USA

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