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Katherine Corri Harris, also known as Katherine Harris Barrymore (October 1, 1890 – May 2, 1927)[1] was a silent film actress who appeared only in three films. Katherine grew up in wealth and privilege and was a product of High Society. She was the first wife of the actor John Barrymore. They were married from 1910-1917.[2] She had an affair with James Montgomery Flagg, the famous painter, and a friend of hers. The affair took place during the waning years of her marriage to Barrymore though it wasn't the cause for their split.

Katherine appeared in two of her husband's now lost silent films, Nearly a King (1916) & The Lost Bridegroom (1916). In 1918, Katherine starred as Lily Bart in the silent film version of Edith Wharton's 1905 novel The House of Mirth, directed by Albert Capellani.[3]

When she died in 1927, John Barrymore was at her bedside.[4]

She died in New York City.


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