Katherine Ralls

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Katherine Ralls
Born 1939
Residence Washington, DC
Citizenship USA
Nationality USA
Alma mater Stanford University, Radcliffe University, Harvard University

Katherine S. Ralls (born 1939)[1] is an American zoologist and conservationist who is a senior research biologist at the Smithsonian Institution.[2] She studies the behavior and genetics of endangered mammals.[2] Two mammals that she has studied extensively are the sea otter and the San Joaquin kit fox.[3] Her research is particularly focused on how zoos manage the genetics of captive populations of animals.[4]

She obtained a BA in Biology from Stanford in 1960, an MS in Biology from Radcliffe College in 1962 and a PhD in Biology from Harvard in 1965.[5][6] In 2005 she was granted an honorary fellowship in the Zoological Society of London.[7]

Ralls worked on the founding of the Society for Conservation Biology in the mid-1980s and served as chairman from 2000 to 2001.[8] In 1986, she and Jonathan Ballou, director of the Bronx Zoo, developed a national workshop on genetic management for zoo animals.[4] She is currently a Senior Research Biologist at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC.[9]


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