Katherine Sarafian

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Katherine Sarafian
Katherine Sarafian 4342.JPG
Born 1970
San Leandro, California
Nationality American
Ethnicity Armenian
Occupation Film producer

Katherine Sarafian (born 1970)[1] is an Armenian-American film producer at Pixar Animation Studios. She started at Pixar as an artist but was shifted from the art department to marketing during the making of A Bug's Life by Pixar head Steve Jobs.[2] She then became a producer within Pixar.[2]

Early life[edit]

Katherine Sarafian, the middle of three children, was raised in San Leandro, California, by her Armenian mother Alice, active in San Leandro civic affairs, and Armenian father Richard Sarafian, a pastor of the Saint Vartan Armenian Church of Oakland who died in 2009. Sarafian's Armenian heritage and religious upbringing, due to her father being a pastor, have been a central influence.[1]


Sarafian produced Pixar's 2006 short film Lifted and its 2012 theatrical release Brave,[3] for which she was nominated for the Producer's Guild Award for Outstanding Producer of an Animated Theatrical Motion Picture.[4]

Sarafian and Brave's Director Mark Andrews accepted Brave's award for Best Animated Feature Film, at the Golden Globe award ceremony on January 13, 2013.

Personal life[edit]

Katherine Sarafian lives in nearby Oakland with her husband and visual effects specialist Meher Gourjian, whose production credits include work in Harry Potter[1] and whom she married during her six years of producing Brave.[2] She gave birth to two sons during the six years of production time.[1][2]

Producer filmography[edit]



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