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Kathleen Jones (April 7, 1922 – October 13, 2010[1] ) was a former Professor of Social Policy and Head of Department of Social Policy and Social Work, University of York, 1965–87 and Emeritus Professor since 1987.

She lived in York, England. Jones was educated at the North London Collegiate School and Westfield College, University of London (in Oxford). She worked in WEA and Extra-Mural teaching from 1943-5, and went to work at the University of Manchester after a career break in 1951. She lectured in Social Administration until 1965, when she became Professor of Social Policy in the University of York, a post which she held until 1987. She travelled widely, to most countries in Europe, to North and Central America, to Russia, to China, to Malaysia, to the Middle East, mainly in the interests of mental health research. She was the author of some 22 books, and numerous reports, papers and articles.

Public service[edit]

  • 1965-70 - Archbishops’ Commission on Church and State
  • 1968-69 - Archbishops’ Commission on Marriage
  • 1968-70 - Sociology Committee, Social Science Research Council
  • 1968-70 - Central Training Council in Child Care
  • 1971-73 - Central Council for Education and Training in Social Work
  • 1974-75 - Lord Gardiner’s Committee on Terrorism and Human Rights
  • 1979-89 - Social Sciences Sub-committee: University Grants Committee
  • 1966-68 - Chairman, Social Sciences Committee, UK National Committee for UNESCO
  • 1966-69 - Chairman, Social Policy Association
  • 1983-86 - Regional Chairman, Mental Health Act Commission



  • Lunacy, Law and Conscience (1953)
  • Social Welfare in Malaya (1958)
  • Mental Health and Social Policy (1960)
  • Mental Hospitals at Work (with Roy Sidebotham) (1962)
  • The Teaching of Social Studies in British Universities (1965)
  • The Compassionate Society (1965)
  • A History of the Mental Health Services (1972)
  • Opening the Door (with John Brown et al.) (1974)
  • Issues in Social Policy (with John Brown and J. R. Bradshaw) (1978)
  • Ideas on Institutions (with A. J. Fowles) (1984)
  • Eileen Younghusband: a biography (1984)
  • Experience in Mental Health (1988)
  • Asylums and After (1993)
  • Poems of St John of the Cross (1993)
  • Butler’s Lives of the Saints, June volume (1997)
  • Butler’s Lives of the Saints, December volume (1999)
  • Women Saints (1999)
  • Saints of the Anglican Calendar (2000)
  • The Making of Social Policy in Britain (2001)
  • Who Are the Celtic Saints? (2003)
  • Songs of the Isles (2004)
  • Challenging Richard Dawkins (2007)


  • Book-length research reports for Lord Gardiner’s Committee on Terrorism, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, the Archbishops’ Commission on Church and State, the Archbishops’ Commission on Marriage, the Department of Health, the Department of the Environment.
  • Editor of the Routledge and Kegan Paul Library of Sociology and Social Policy (1964–80) and The Year Book of Social Policy in Britain



  • Kathleen Jones had a discussion blog on free personal care for the elderly in the UK.[2]

Recent newspaper articles and letters[edit]

  • Care for the Elderly in the Real World - letter published in The Times 3 April 2010.[3]

Notes and references[edit]