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Kathryn Edin speaking at Brigham Young University.

Kathryn Edin, a sociologist, is a Professor at Princeton University. She specializes in the study of people living on welfare. Two of her books are Making ends meet: how single mothers survive welfare and low-wage work, and Promises I can keep: why poor women put motherhood before marriage.

She received her Ph.D. from Northwestern University in 1989, with a thesis on "There's a lot of month left at the end of the money: how welfare recipients in Chicago make ends meet" [1]

In February 2014, Edin was named a Bloomberg Distinguished Professor at Johns Hopkins University for her accomplishments as an interdisciplinary researcher and excellence in teaching the next generation of scholars.[2] In 2018, she moved to Princeton University as a Professor of Sociology and Public Affairs in the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs.[3]



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Peer-reviewed journal articles (selected)[edit]

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