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Kati Roloff was the first female vocalist of Blutengel[1] together with Nina Bendigkeit (who left the band circa 2000 and was replaced by Gini). She is the singer on Child of Glass's "Weg Zu Mir" as well as "Footworship" (with Nina Bendigkeit) and in Seelenschmerz she sang "Soul of Ice", "My World" (from the limited box edition) and "I'm Dying Alone" (with Gini Martin and Chris Pohl). She also sang "Fairyland (Female Version)" which is only available on the Machineries of Joy vol. 2 compilation.

It is unclear why Kati left Blutengel. Allegedly, she told a fan that she was upset with Chris Pohl, and that she did not like his attitude of wanting to be boss and do everything on his own.[2][3][4] Also, Chris told another fan that because he and Kati were in a relationship previously, it was difficult to continue to work in the same band together. Kati never wanted to leave Blutengel, she said it was "like seeing my first baby dying".[5][6]

  • She is the girl on the Child Of Glass and the Seelenschmerz cover art.
  • Roloff performed at Blutengel's first gig ever at the 2001 Wave-Gotik-Treffen.
  • She performed at BE's second and third (both at Dark Storm Festival) gig, which was her last live appearance as she left the band together with Gini afterwards for personal reasons
  • Roloff was replaced by Constance Rudert
  • She stayed in Blutengel during 1998 (recording Child Of Glass) until the beginning of 2002 (almost 1 year after Seelenschmerz' release).
  • She left Blutengel and formed a project with Gini called Tristesse de la Lune.
  • In early 2007, it was announced that Kati was fired, and Gini decided to carry on with TDLL on her own.


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