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Katherine "Katie" Blackburn is Executive Vice President of the Cincinnati Bengals,[1] an American football team in the National Football League. She went to law school and worked for a Cincinnati law firm before beginning to work for the Bengals in October 1991. She worked in the Bengals' front office, where she was the only women in the whole league who was involved in negotiating players contracts. She preferred working behind the scenes and would often handle the club's radio and television networks. She is an expert on the NFL's complicated salary-cap structure and has helped connect the Bengals to the surrounding community, by using the appeal of the players' to help the different organizations around Cincinnati. Blackburn has over 20 years of experience in professional football and she was the first woman to be a chief contract negotiator in the NFL.


Blackburn played women's ice hockey at Dartmouth College.[1] Blackburn is a graduate of University of Cincinnati College of Law. She is married to Troy Blackburn who is the Bengals director of business development. They have two daughters.

Blackburn is the daughter of Bengals owner Mike Brown.


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