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Katman (Nikos Katelis)
Birth name Nikos Katelis
Also known as Katman
Origin Aetolia-Acarnania, Greece
Genres Pop, modern laika

Nikos Katelis (Greek: Νίκος Κατέλης), better known by his stage name Katman, is known in Greece for appearing in various trash TV shows, including the show hosted by Annita Pania called Je T'Aime, where he was a performer of satirical songs.

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Katman was first discovered by Annita Pania on her dating and variety television show To Chryso Koufeto in 1996 where he appeared with the intent of finding a spouse. He subsequently appeared in several episodes of the show.

Since then Katman continually appeared in her weekly shows to perform various songs, with the most famous song being his hit O erastis sou (Your lover). Katman also performs crude and improvisational theatrical shows on the show's stage in which he impersonates various fictional and historical figures, from Hamlet to Napoleon.

Political life[edit]

Katman became a candidate of the Greek Ecologists party for the Aetolia-Acarnania prefecture in the European Parliament elections in 2009 after a proposal was made by the party's president Dimosthenis Vergis.[1] His speech was aired live during Annita Pania's show ta Paratragouda from Kolonaki Square in Athens. He lost the elections. During a TV commentary discussion, Michalis Tremopoulos of the Ecologist Greens party mentioned in criticism to Vergis that the Greek people would never vote for a party composed of mentally retarded individuals.[2]


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