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Kavi may refer to: kavi (கவி) is a Tamil term for Poet. The word kavi (கவி) is in Tamil language and Literature used to denotre a Poem, sing a poetry. Example: Poem : கவிதை (Kavitai) Poet.  : கவிஞர் (Kaviñar)

In current usage in India, Sri Lanka or Indian Sub-continent:-

  • The word Kavi or Kaviraj is in Indian language and literature used to denote a poet or a singer or a person of greatness who could pen or sing a poetry impromptu. The Kavi attached with Royal Durbar for entertainment of Kings were called Kaviraj. Mostly such persons were patronized by kings in India to keep alive the art. The poems or folk-songs etc. in India are called Kavita ( a poem), which means words which came out of mouth of Kavi

In Zoroastrianism and Iranian mythology:-

  • Kavi, meaning "king", is the general title of the kings (chiefs) in Avesta. The Kavi entered Iranian mythology as Kayanian dynasty.


Kavi is terminus rail-road station of a branch line of Railway in Gujarat, India



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