Kavya's Diary

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Kavya's Diary
Kavya's Diary.JPG
Movie Poster of Kavya's Diary.
Directed by V.K.Prakash
Produced by Manjula Ghattamaneni
Sanjay Swaroop
Written by Indira Productions Creative Unit
Starring Manjula Ghattamaneni
Charmy Kaur
Satyam Rajesh
Music by Manu Ramesan
Cinematography Shyam Dutt
Release date
  • 5 June 2009 (2009-06-05)
Language Telugu
Budget 4 Crores

Kavya's Diary (Telugu: కావ్య's డైరీ) is a Telugu film released in 2009. Directed by V.K.Prakash, the film stars Manjula Ghattamaneni, Charmy Kaur, Shashank, Indrajith, Satyam Rajesh and Leena.[1] The film was made with a small budget of Rs. 4 Crores. The movie is heavily inspired by the 1992 Hollywood thriller The Hand That Rocks the Cradle.[2]


Raj (Indrajeet) and Pooja (Manjula Swaroop) are a married couple who move into a new house with their children. Desperate for a nanny to take care of their children, they hire Kavya who is unemployed, after she saves Pooja's life. Kavya grows close to the family and they come to consider her part of the family. However, as the movie progresses, it is revealed that Kavya was the wife of a gynecologist who committed suicide after Pooja accused him of sexually assaulting her. Other patients supported this claim and he eventually committed suicide. In an attempt to save him, Kavya accidentally miscarries. She eventually tries to destroy the family and kill Pooja to get revenge for her loss. The movie is a remake of the English movie, 'The Hand that Rocks the Cradle'.



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