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Kaye Anne Starosciak (born Kaye Anne Pappas on April 23, 1973) is an American long-distance runner. She is regarded as one of the top Masters runners in the United States, competing in the Elite Female Division (Top 50) of the 2014 Boston Marathon and finishing 7th Overall for Female Masters.[1] Starosciak has won full and half marathons as well as shorter distance races and trail competitions,[2] but is known as much for her fundraising efforts on behalf of numerous charities and causes. She competed in the 2013 Boston Marathon, finishing approximately one hour before bombings that forced the race to be stopped.[3] Prior to competing in the 2014 Boston Marathon, Starosciak said "I think people coming back are showing that we're not going to let terrorism take us down. It all comes together to show that we can't be beaten."[4]

Career highlights[edit]

  • 7th, Female Masters Division, 2014 Boston Marathon[5]
  • Winner, Female Overall Division, 2015 Publix Georgia Marathon[6]
  • Winner, Female Overall Division, 2011 Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon[7][8][9]
  • Winner, Female Overall Division, 2010 Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon[7]
  • Winner, Female Overall Division, 2011 Berry Half Marathon[10]
  • Winner, Female Overall Division, 2012 Downhill at Dawn Half Marathon[11]
  • Winner, Female Overall Division, 2011 Charlevoix Half Marathon
  • Winner, Female Overall Division, 2014 Red Top Rumble Trail Race
  • Winner, Female Overall Division, 2013 Red Top Rumble Trail Race[12]
  • Winner, Female Masters Division, 2013 Rocket City Marathon[13]
  • 4th, Female Masters Division, 2014 Detroit Marathon
  • 3rd, Female Overall Division, 2013 Detroit Half Marathon
  • Winner, Female Division, Georgia Games Run for Life 5K, 2011[14]

Charitable running[edit]

Starosciak is an avid charity runner, raising money for The Shepherd Center in Atlanta,[15] Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research,[16] and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.[17] Starosciak has also run in support of U.S. Military Members and their families.[18]

Personal life[edit]

Starosciak married Matt Starosciak in 1998. They have three daughters and currently live in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia.


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