Kazbegi Marathon

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Kazbegi Marathon
Kazbegi Logo.jpg
Kazbegi Marathon Logo
DateSeptember 5, 2015
LocationKazbegi, Georgia
Event typeMountain running
DistanceMarathon, Half Marathon

Kazbegi Marathon is an annual marathon held in Georgia during the month of September. The marathon courses through the Caucasus Mountains in the northern part of the country, the starting and finishing points are in the town of Kazbegi located on the historical military road on the foot of Kazbegi Mountain. The Kazbegi Marathon is both the largest as well as the first racing event held in the Caucasus.[citation needed] It includes four track lengths: full marathon, half marathon, 8 km fun run and relay race on 42 km distance. The organizer of Kazbegi Marathon is "Tourist Agency Visit Georgia" Ltd.[1] The marathon is marketed to an international audience, previous races attracting participants from Germany, England, Japan and Israel. Many local runners, from the neighboring Armenia and Azerbaijan participate as well.


The race starts from the A. Kazbegi Museum. Runners first cross Kazbegi center and after running the bridge over Tergi River follow the uphill to the village Gergeti and Gergeti Trinity Church. From the church there are views of the Great Caucasus Mountains. Runners then follow the downhill of narrow gorges to the village Gergeti and continue their race along the River Tergi towards the village Karkucha. They run through the villages of Pansheti, Arsha and continue to the village Achkhoti. Crossing the village, runners follow the secondary roads through the priming surface to the Sno Gorge towards the village Sno, later along the River Snostkali they reach the villages of Akhaltsikhe and Karkucha. The runners continue running till the rise of Juta village, after that runners take the same way back to the village Achkhoti and the following 2 km they'll run in a field, next 3 km – along the highway, afterwards in the streets of Stepantsminda town. Runners run through a short marshy distance (100m) and the last kilometer follows the alleys of Kazbegi itself.


Kazbegi Marathon is an initiative of an Israeli touring company, which dates back to February 2010. The first Kazbegi Marathon took place on September 10, 2010, in which over 150 international runners participated. The second Kazbegi Marathon took place exactly one year later, attracting 300 participants, among them the British and Swiss ambassadors in Georgia.

In 2014, Kazbegi Marathon had the 5th anniversary.

Next Kazbegi Marathon will be held on 5th in September, 2015.[needs update]



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