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Kazi may refer to:

  • Kazi (given name)
  • Kaži, cat in Vepsian
  • Qadi or Kazi or Qazi, an Islamic legal scholar and judge
  • Kazi, the name of a Matoran in the fictional Bionicle universe
  • KAZI-FM, an FM radio station in Austin, Texas
  • Kazi, an honorific title used historically in the north Indian Kingdom of Sikkim
  • Kazi, a mythical female healer of 8th century Czech mythology, the sister of Libuše
  • "Kazi", nickname of Chris Rolle, hip hop musician
  • Kazy is also a Kyrgyz dish and Kazakh dish
  • "kazi", now usually "khazi", is British English slang for toilet
  • Kazi Township, Lhünzhub County (卡孜乡), Tibet Autonomous Region, People's Republic of China (PRC)
  • Kazi Township, Namling County (卡孜乡), Tibet AR, PRC
  • The Japanese surname Kaji (surname), as written in Kunrei-shiki or Nihon-shiki
  • A South Asian surname, derived from the Arabic قَاضٍ ("judge")
  • A South African slang term for a township