Kazuyuki Sekiguchi

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Kazuyuki Sekiguchi
Born (1955-12-21) December 21, 1955 (age 64)
Agano, Niigata, Japan
Occupation(s)Musician, singer-songwriter
InstrumentsBass guitar, guitar, ukulele
Years active1974–present
LabelsVictor Entertainment
Associated actsSouthern All Stars

Kazuyuki Sekiguchi (関口 和之, Sekiguchi Kazuyuki, born December 21, 1955 in Niigata Prefecture) is a Japanese musician, best known for playing the bass guitar for Southern All Stars.[1] As a solo artist, he has played ukulele. He is a fan of Hawaiian music, and is the founder of the annual Ukulele Picnic music festival in Hawaii.[2] For nearly twenty years, Sekiguchi has worked with Akira Sakuma in the Momotaro Dentetsu video game series as a music producer.


Kazuyuki Sekiguchi featuring Leyona[edit]

  • HOTEL PACIFIC (2001)

Kazuyuki Sekiguchi featuring KONISHIKI[edit]

  • Watashi-no Aozora ~MY BLUE HEAVEN~ (私の青空 ~MY BLUE HEAVEN~ 'My Blue Sky ~MY BLUE HEAVEN~' 2002)

Original albums[edit]

  • Sakin (砂金 'Gold dust' 1986)


Captain Mook and The Ala Moana Strings[edit]


Featuring Petty Booka.

Kazuyuki Sekiguchi featuring Naoto Takenaka[edit]

  • Kuchibue to Ukulele (口笛とウクレレ 'Whistle and Ukulele' 2000)

Kazuyuki Sekiguchi and Sazan All Stars[edit]

  • World Hits!? of Southern All Stars (2001)


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