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The Tidyman – the official logo of the campaign

Keep Britain Tidy is a British campaign run by the Keep Britain Tidy environmental charity,.[1] The majority of its campaigning is around the issue of litter. It has been using "Keep Britain Tidy" as its slogan for almost fifty years. It describes its mission as being "to create effective action by our targeted groups to achieve a sustained improvement in local environmental quality and reduce anti-social behaviour". The organisation has its headquarters in Wigan, Greater Manchester.[2]


Keep Britain Tidy was originally set up by a conference of 26 organisations in 1955. The conference was initiated by the British Women's Institute after a resolution was passed at its 1954 AGM to start a national anti-litter campaign.[3]

In 1984, Keep Britain Tidy became a limited company and three years later it became the Tidy Britain Group.

In 2002, it had another name change – this time it became ENCAMS — short for Environmental Campaigns. This reflected the fact that the campaign no longer concerned only litter, but now also extended to the question of cleanliness of beaches, as well as the Eco-Schools programme.

In 2006, the ENCAMS regions devolved and from then on concentrated their work solely in England.

In June 2009, the campaign changed its name back to Keep Britain Tidy, also introducing a new logo highlighting the IT within BRITAIN, reading "Keep It Tidy" as well as "Keep Britain Tidy". The "tidyman" logo is still used in public campaigns, alongside campaign straplines such as "Let's keep it tidy!" and "Help keep it tidy!"[4]

Following a year-long strategic alliance, in 2011 Keep Britain Tidy merged with the environmental charity Waste Watch. Both the Keep Britain Tidy and Waste Watch names were retained in the merger, but Keep Britain Tidy became the trading name.

Other campaigns[edit]

Keep Britain Tidy runs the Eco-Schools programme and the Blue Flag beach campaign in England. Keep Britain Tidy also ran the Keep Scotland Beautiful, Keep Wales Tidy and TIDY Northern Ireland campaigns until April 2009, at which point these became the responsibility of their respective devolved organisations. The Eco-Schools and Blue Flag programmes in Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland are now run independently by these devolved organisations. The organisation is one of the partners supporting The Big Tree Plant, launched in December 2010. Keep Britain Tidy is currently running the Clever Bins study with local authority partners across the United Kingdom. The study ran throughout 2011.

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