Keep It for Yourself

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Keep It for Yourself
Directed by Claire Denis
Produced by Philippe Carcassonne
Ted Hope
Written by Claire Denis
Starring Sophie Simon
Sarina Chan
Michael James
Music by John Lurie
Cinematography Agnès Godard
Edited by Dominique Auvray
Running time
Country United States
Language English

Keep It for Yourself is a 1991 black and white drama short film.


Sophie comes to New York from France with the intention of meeting up with a man she met a few months before. She finds herself alone in the man's apartment, and she discovers that he left town because he was scared stiff at the idea of seeing her.


  • Sophie Simon
  • Sarina Chan
  • Michael James
  • E.J. Rodriguez
  • Jim Stark
  • James Schamus
  • Michael Stun
  • Sara Driver
  • Vincent Gallo


  • The French director Claire Denis hired Vincent Gallo to act in several films such as the short film Keep It for Yourself, the made-for-TV U.S. Go Home, and its follow-up feature Nénette et Boni (1996).
  • Claire Denis preferred black faces in her movies at first. "Vincent Gallo is an old face for me - the first time I shot him was 10 years ago in a short I made in New York called Keep it for Yourself".[1]


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