Keith Ansell-Pearson

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Keith Ansell-Pearson
Born (1960-11-11) 11 November 1960 (age 57)
Era Contemporary philosophy
Region Western philosophy
School Continental philosophy
Institutions University of Warwick
University of London

Keith Ansell-Pearson is a British philosopher specializing in the work of Friedrich Nietzsche, Henri Bergson and Gilles Deleuze. He is currently Professor of Philosophy at Warwick University.[1]

Ansell-Pearson is the author of numerous books including Germinal Life, Viroid Life and Philosophy and the Adventure of the Virtual.


Ansell-Pearson graduated from the University of Sussex and taught at the University of Malawi in southern Africa and Queen Mary College in London. He joined the Philosophy Department of the University of Warwick in 1993 and has held a Personal Chair since 1998.[2]

He is on the editorial boards of Journal of Nietzsche Studies, Nietzsche-Studien, Deleuze Studies, Cosmos and History and the book series Nietzsche Now. He serves on the scientific committee of Nietzscheana.[2]


Ansell-Pearson is known for his work on Nietzsche, Bergson, and Deleuze, and for exploring their work in the context of modern biophilosophy.[3] Lately he has been focusing on Nietzsche's neglected middle period texts, especially Daybreak.

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