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Matija Barl.jpg
Matija Barl as Kekec
First appearance 1918
Kekec na hudi poti
(Kekec on the Hard Path)
Last appearance 1924
Kekec nad samotnim breznom
(Kekec Above the Lonely Abyss)
Created by Josip Vandot
Portrayed by Matija Barl (1951)
Velimir Gjurin (1963)
Zlatko Krasnič (1968)
Gender Male
Occupation very strong boy
Mountain Shepherd
Fighter for justice
Nationality Slovenian

Kekec is a Slovenian book fictional child hero character created by Josip Vandot in 1918.

He is widely recognized as a Slovenian superhero and cultural icon. Kekec is a brave boy, a fearless shepherd from the highlands of his home region, the Karavanke and Julian Alps. He is fighting for justice. It was first published in Zvonček publication in 1918.[1]



Josip Vandot's trilogy short novels with Kekec as the main character, originally published in Zvonček (Slovenian publication):

  • Kekec na hudi poti ("Kekec on the Hard Path", 1918)
  • Kekec na volčji sledi ("Kekec on the Wolf Trail", 1922)
  • Kekec nad samotnim breznom ("Kekec Above the Lonely Abyss", 1924)


The Vandot's novels about Kekec were adapted into three films, all directed by Jože Gale. But only the first and second film were a direct adaptation of the second and third book:

Related characters[edit]

  • Bedanec (Bedanc) - evil poacher
  • Pehta - wild woman from the mountains
  • Kosobrin - tiny old herbalist
  • Rožle - scared boy, a friend of Kekec
  • Mojca - sister of Rožle
  • Tinkara


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