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Kelkoo's logo
Initial release November 30, 1999; 16 years ago (1999-11-30)[1]
Operating system Any (web based application)
Type Price comparison service

The website Kelkoo is a European price comparison service founded in France in 1999, allowing customers to find information on products they want to purchase, including price and seller information.[2] It was bought by Yahoo! on March 26, 2004.[3] It operates in 10 countries, including UK, France, Spain, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, and Belgium.[3] On 21 November 2008, Yahoo sold Kelkoo to Jamplant, a private equity company.[2]


Kelkoo was founded in 1999 by Pierre Chappaz and Mauricio Lopez.[4] Initial funding of $3 million was provided by Banexi Ventures and Innovacom. Once Kelkoo merged with 3 other European businesses, it absorbed those founders into one single collective, consisting of Per Siljubergsåsen, William Klippgen, Philip Wilkinson, and Jorge Garcia[5]

In April 2000, within days of each other, Kelkoo merged with Spanish-based[6] and UK based competitor ShopGenie, founded by Philip Wilkinson.[7] In September of the same year, Kelkoo merged with Norway-based,[8] paying the Zoomit-shareholders in shares amounting to a third of Kelkoo's total equity making the largest entity within "new" Kelkoo.

In June 2003, it partnered with the European arm of the Microsoft site MSN to provide shopping listings.[9] A similar deal was announced in June 2004 with (formerly Ask Jeeves).

On March 26, 2004, Kelkoo was bought by Yahoo! Inc for €450 million.[10][3] Yahoo explained this move as providing advertisers with the ability to target individual products.[11]

In October 2005 a book on Kelkoo appeared in French called Ils ont réussi leur start-up! La success-story de Kelkoo.[12] written by Julien Codorniou and Cyrille de Lasteyrie.

In November 2008, Kelkoo was sold by Yahoo! Inc to the private equity firm Jamplant Ltd.[4]

Origin of the name[edit]

The name "Kelkoo" is a phonetic spelling meaning primarily the French phrase "Quel coût?", meaning "At what price?". It can also be understood as "Quel coup", meaning "What a bargain".[13]

Business model[edit]

Kelkoo has been profitable since Q4 2002. Similar to other price comparison services in how it operates, Kelkoo has focused much of its marketing on capturing users through SEO and launching partner sites[14] including ITV's[15]

In addition to being a price comparison site, Kelkoo also offers an API webservice where other price comparison websites, such as[16] shopping comparison website, and[17] price comparison browser add-on, use data and content from Kelkoo's database.[18] This is a shared revenue business model. Kelkoo offers an affiliate commission to the partner sites who use their data for every qualified click that they generate.

Brazil Launch[edit]

Kelkoo historically was a Europe-based shopping price comparison service.With the rapid e-commerce growth of the BRIC countries, Kelkoo launched their Brazil website in 2012. Winning over India and China, Brazil has a large growing market with a sizable population who have purchased online previously. Since the launch, the Brazil business has shown growth and potential.[19]


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