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TypeBrand of Kotobuki Solution Co., Ltd
IndustryVideo games
PredecessorKotobuki System Co., Ltd.
Founded1984; 38 years ago (1984)
HeadquartersKure, Hiroshima, Japan
Number of employees
140[1] (2019)

Kemco (abbreviated from Kotobuki Engineering & Manufacturing Co., Ltd.) is a Japanese video game developer and publisher established in 1984. It is headquartered in Kure, Hiroshima.[2][3]

One of its best known franchises is the Top Gear series, developed by Sheffield-based English developers Gremlin Graphics.[4]



Kemco was founded in 1984 as Kotobuki System Co., Ltd. to be the video game subsidiary of the multifaceted corporation Kotobuki Engineering & Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (itself established in 1979).[5][6][7] The Kemco name represents the initial letters of Kotobuki Engineering Manufacturing Co.[5]

Kemco started by developing video games for the Nintendo Entertainment System.[5][7] Although technically called Kotobuki System until 2004, the company was already using the brand Kemco on its first game Dough Boy in 1985.[8]

In the late 1980s until the early 1990s, Kemco's video games were distributed in North America by Seika Corporation of Torrance, California under the joint label of Kemco * Seika.[9]


In the 1990s, Kemco developed, ported and published video games for an array of platforms including the NES, Super NES, Nintendo 64 and Game Boy.[10] During this decade, the company had its first North American subsidiary, Kemco America, which operated from October 2, 1991 to January 24, 2000.[11]


In 2001, Kemco USA was founded as a wholly owned subsidiary of Kemco of Japan, especially targeting the American market.[7]

In 2004, Kotobuki's system development division split to become the company Kotobuki Solution Co., Ltd., keeping the Kemco video game brand in the spinoff.[5][3]


In the 2010s, Kemco is primarily known for its mobile games.[12] Kemco USA closed in 2007, but products continue to be released in North America through Kemco of Japan.[13][14]

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