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Little Kenard played by Thuliso Dingwall
First appearance "Dead Soldiers" (episode 3.03)
Last appearance "–30–" (episode 5.10)
Created by David Simon
Portrayed by Thuliso Dingwall
Aliases None
Gender Male
Occupation Drug Dealer

Kenard is a fictional young drug dealer on the HBO drama series The Wire, portrayed by Thuliso Dingwall. Kenard is a younger member of Namond Brice's circle of friends. He is first seen in season three, where, following a prolonged gunfight at a Barksdale stashhouse, Kenard argues with his friends over which one gets to pretend to be Omar Little while playing in the area and re-enacting the gunfight. He is not shown to be living with a family and never seen attending school, preferring to deal drugs for the Marlo Stanfield Organization.


Season Three[edit]

Kenard is usually seen in the background playing in Hamsterdam. Other than that he is not seen that much, except for when he is seen fighting with another kid over who gets to play Omar Little next.

Season four[edit]

Kenard is frequently seen hanging out with Namond's circle of friends, often making fun of Duquan "Dukie" Weems. He works with Donut and Randy Wagstaff delivering flyers on election day. He also works with Namond, Donut and Byron selling drugs. Despite being the youngest of his friends he is consistently the most profane. Namond makes him his lieutenant and allows him to store their package of narcotics. However, Kenard's street smarts allow him to see right through Namond's soft nature, and after Kenard steals the package from Namond, claims the police took it and insults Namond, Kenard is savagely beaten by Michael. However, in the Season 4 finale, Kenard is seen working on Michael's new corner with Dukie. Kenard approached Roland "Prez" Pryzbylewski who was watching Dukie from afar, for a drug purchase.

Season five[edit]

Kenard pulls a prank on the cops while working on Michael's corner, and later in the season, Kenard confronts and complains to Dukie of not doing his job dealing drugs as being part of Michael's crew, Kenard being unaware that Michael took Dukie off the streets so he could take care of Michael's brother Bug. After Kenard insults him, Dukie then punches Kenard, and the two get into a brief scuffle that Dukie wins, however Spider is also present and he gives Dukie a severe beating. Kenard and company are held at gunpoint by Omar who is in on a mission to terrorize Marlo Stanfield's corners in an attempt to lure him into the streets. Kenard is underwhelmed at the sight of the now-crippled Omar hobbling on a crutch and loses the sense of awe and respect for him that his friends share. While in an alley with some friends, dousing a cat with lighter fluid, and apparently planning to light it on fire, Kenard sees Omar approaching. The rest of his friends run while Kenard remains and then proceeds to trail Omar as he robs a Stanfield corner. He follows Omar into a Korean owned grocery store and shoots him in the head, instantly killing him. In fear, he drops the gun and flees. In the series finale, Kenard is shown during the closing montage, being led away by Detective Crutchfield, the detective in charge of investigating Omar's murder.


  1. ^ Thuliso Dingwall was born in September, 1995, so this appears to be a legitimate approximation of Kenard's own birth.