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The Bristol heart scandal occurred in England during the 1990s. At the Bristol Royal Infirmary, babies died at high rates after cardiac surgery. An inquiry found "staff shortages, a lack of leadership, [a] ... unit ... 'simply not up to the task' ... 'an old boy's culture' among doctors, a lax approach to safety, secrecy about doctors' performance and a lack of monitoring by management".[1] The scandal resulted in cardiac surgeons leading efforts to publish more data on the performance of doctors and hospitals.[1][2]

An investigation chaired by Professor Ian Kennedy QC was set up in 1998. It reported in 2001.[3] It concluded that paediatric cardiac surgery services at Bristol were "simply not up to the task", because of shortages of key surgeons and nurses, and a lack of leadership, accountability, and teamwork.

The NHS Plan 2000 published a year earlier, included the establishment of the Commission for Health Improvement, which was intended to tackle such problems.[4]

By 2010, the mortality rate within 30 days of a child's heart operation had fallen from 4.3% in 2000 to 2.6%. Plans to reduce the number of centres performing children's heart surgery have been opposed.[5] A report to NHS England in July 2015 proposed a “three tier” model for all hospitals providing congenital heart disease care. It suggested that they would work within “regional, multi-centre networks, bringing together foetal, children’s and adult services” and noted that since 2001 there “have been subsequent reviews each making a series of recommendations, but no coordinated programme of change, and concerns have remained”.[6]

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