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Kenneth Brown (b. March 9, 1868- ? ) was an American author and journalist, born in Chicago. He studied in Germany, Switzerland, and Paris, and at Harvard and the University of Virginia. For some years he was in newspaper work in Boston, New York, Baltimore, and Chicago, and in 1898-1900 was for a second time in New York — as editorial writer for the Commercial Advertiser. He wrote:

  • Eastover Court House (1901), with Henry Burnham Boone
  • The Redfields Succession (1903), with Henry Burnham Boone
  • Sirocco (1906)
  • The First Secretary (1907), in collaboration with his wife, Demetra Kenneth Brown
  • The Duke's Price (1910), in collaboration with his wife
  • Two Boys in a Gyrocar (1911), a juvenile

In 1917 he went with his wife to study the Greek situation; together they published In Pawn to a Throne (1919). He was also author of Putter Perkins (1923).