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Kenneth Watson (born 16 November 1931 in London, died of pancreatic cancer 21 July 1998) was a British television actor.[1] He is best known for playing Brian Blair in Take the High Road in the 1980s, Ralph Lancaster in Coronation Street from 14 May 1975 to 13 February 1980 and DI Scott in Dixon of Dock Green from 1972-3, together with numerous minor roles in various sitcoms.[2] He appeared in the Doctor Who serial The Wheel in Space as Bill Duggan, and was also booked to play a farmer in a later serial The Time Monster but was replaced by George Lee.[3] In film, possibly his most memorable role was also Doctor Who related, with a supporting role in the Peter Cushing vehicle Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D..[4] He had a wife, Joan, and two children, Kate and Jamie.

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