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Kenny Smyth, played by Shane Jacobson, is an Australian fictional character. Jacobson portrays Smyth as an amiable chummy type of person with a slightly gruff, but extremely cheerful character. Smyth appeared in the 2006 film Kenny and the TV series Kenny's World.

Character biography[edit]

Smyth grew up on an orchard in Northern Victoria.


The film is about Kenny's life as a plumber and his personal life. He works at Melbourne's biggest events including the St Kilda Festival, Avalon Airshow and Melbourne Cup. He also goes to the World Toilet and Plumbers Expo in Nashville where he meets the love of his life, Jackie.

Kenny's World[edit]

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The TV series is about Smyth traveling the world to find out about toilets internationally. He visits countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America.

Other appearances[edit]

Smyth has appeared in Australian shows including 20 to 01 and The Panel Christmas Wrap 2006.