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Kenya Fluorspar Company (KFC) is a privately held mining company in Kenya. It is located near Eldoret in Elgeyo-Marakwet County of western Kenya, in the Kerio Valley, known for its significant fluorite deposits, first discovered in 1967. Fluorspar is the second most important mining commodity in Kenya after soda ash.[1] From fluorspar the company produces fluorites, which are a key component in the manufacture of some industrial commodities, including steel, hydrofluoric acid and opalescent glass.[2]


The company began producing fluorites in the early 1970s and its Kimwarer mine has been in operation since. In 1996, businessman Charles Field-Marsham acquired Kenya Fluorspar as part of a government reform effort of corporate privatization.[1]

The mining takes place on land leased to the company by the Government of Kenya. The land was acquired in 1986 through a compulsory purchase order and compensation paid by the government.[3]

In 2005, production was valued at $14 million.[4] most of its production is exported.[5] Much of its product is exported to India and Europe.[6]

KFC's mining operations were halted in 2009 due to economic downturn, but were continued in June 2010.[7]

In February 2016, the company announced that it would halt operations again siting weak global fluorspar demands. In June, the company had halted it's operations and laid of workers.[8] The TV channel KTN aired a documentary highlighting the plight of the residents of the area and some of the workers who used to work for the company, and assessed the impact of the halt to the economy of Kenya.

The company increased its total capacity to 130,000 tonnes of fluorspar annually following the de-bottlenecking of the processing plant. This was completed at the end of March 2012.[9] Output in 2011 was 121,000 tonnes.[10] The Kenya Fluorspar Company is the only major industry in the former Keiyo District.[11][12] Kimwarer is the largest settlement in the Kerio Valley area and is effectively a company town due the mining activities.[13][14]

The company has addressed environmental concerns through various actions, including dust and spillage reduction, water purification and recycling, and tree planting.[15] The company complies with NEMA and holds a certificate of environmental compliance.[16]

KFC's main business offices are located in Nairobi.

Community work and sponsorship[edit]

It is a leading employer in the area with 400 workers and its corporate social responsibilities program provides health, education and other facilities to its employees and the local community.[11]

The company sponsors an annual 10 Kilometres road running competition in Kerio Valley [17] and the Fluorspar FC playing in Nationwide League.[18][19]

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