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Discovered byKepler team
Discovery date20 December 2011
Transit (Kepler Mission)
Orbital characteristics
0.04537 AU
3.6961219 d
StarKepler-20 (KOI-070)
Physical characteristics
Mean radius
[1] M
Mean density
g cm−3
Temperature1,014 K (741 °C; 1,366 °F)

Kepler-20b is an exoplanet orbiting Kepler-20. It is classified as a Super-Earth, as it has a radius and mass greater than that of Earth. At about 1.87 R, it would most likely be a Mini-Neptune, but its high mass of 9.7 M implies that it is an iron-rich rocky world. Along with the other four planets in the system, Kepler-20b was announced on 20 December 2011.


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