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Tobar nan Ceann Monument

The Keppoch Murders (Scottish Gaelic: Murt na Ceapaich) is the name given to the murders of Alexander MacDonald, 12th of Keppoch and his brother Ranald, in September 1663 by rival claimants to the chieftainship of the MacDonalds of Keppoch.

The seven killers were eventually hunted down and killed two years later by men sent by MacDonald of Sleat. The bodies were decapitated by Iain Lom who is said to have used the murder weapon used in the murder of Alexander MacDonald, 12th of Keppoch, in decapitating the men. He then took his grisly trophies to show to Lord MacDonnell of Glengarry who had failed to bring the murderers to justice. The well where the seven heads were washed before presentation to the Lord MacDonnell of Glengarry is known as Tobar nan ceann in Scottish Gaelic, meaning the 'Well of Heads', and is located not far from Invergarry. In the late 19th century the grave at Inverlair was opened and seven headless skeletons were unearthed, giving credence to the story.[1][2][3]

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