Kerberos Productions

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Kerberos Productions
Industry Video game industry
Founded 2003
Headquarters Vancouver, BC, Canada
Products Sword of the Stars
Fort Zombie
Slogan Repensum est Canicula
Per Ardua Ad Astra

Kerberos Productions Inc. is a third-party video game developer based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The company was formed in 2003 by former employees of Barking Dog Studios/Rockstar Games.

The company takes its name and logo from Cerberus, a large three-headed creature of Greek mythology (Κέρβερος, in Greek). The three heads of the hellhound represent the three disciplines of game development: art, programming, and design.

The company has released six games: a 4X game called Sword of the Stars (originally published by Lighthouse Interactive, its sequel "Sword of the Stars 2" currently published by Paradox Interactive), a RPG titled Fort Zombie, a rogue-like game Sword of the Stars: The Pit, a wargame called Ground Pounders, and an action-strategy game called Kaiju-a-Gogo



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